The workshop studio

I'm in the workshop studio. My father's wife have turned the garage to her own workshop studio. She sells natural beauty products with herbs. Does reflexology, does flower arrangement. She is the leader of yoga classes, African dance, latin american dances and spiritual sojourns. She also sells art. She's a great passionate entrepreneur and I really admire her for the strong great energy she gives people. I use to go there whenever I feel empty and bored. The spirit that prevails in the room is so uplifting and make me really creative. I understand when she sometimes say "this is like a treatment getaway" 
- I really agree on that. 
She also is working with specific imbalances / diseases, to help them naturally. To relieve stress, anxiety etc. Here is some pictures of the work shop studio and a picture I've made. I can make more "realistic" pictures but I find it boring. This modern art is really stimulating me in another way. 

Check her website out here! 

Perhaps afterwards, I see it would turn out better in coal crayons.