glorified goldfish bowls

So… They took a wild animal from it’s environment and used it for entertainment. Why does the animal have to be killed? This is the consequences when you deal with wild animals. the animals always suffer even in the end when it all could of been avoided if they left the animal where it belonged.
It’s a natural creature out of place trades balance by killing its captor.
for a animal his size to be in such a small area of course he would react this way and they cant let him free because he has been living there for over 25 years so for them to let him free would be suicide because he doesn’t know how to survive in the wild. This is a sad moment people losing there lives over the dumb humans taking them from nature. Its sick to think that these innocent animals were basically tortured to the point of a psychotic break.They are hunters and killers in the wild. Why are you even confused here I don’t understand. It’s like you’re trying to assign human rationale to a wild animal. I never want to go to any sea world after learning what they do to orca whales. Watch the documentary blackfish and you know what I mean.